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Signature of the Creator (27min) - Introductory video explaining new physical evidence for the existence of God. Introduces "the ultimate miracle" in the Quran. 27 minutes.

The Great Debate (90min) - Dr. Rashad Khalifa Vs. Dr. Abdel Rahman Salem. Topics include completeness of the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah, origin of Submission (Islam), and the corruption of religion.

King of Chaos (60min) - Video explaining the secret of perfect health, wealth, and happiness according to the Quran. It is recommended to watch Witness A Miracle before this program since they are programs in sequence.

Witness A Miracle (38min) - Video introducing the miracle of the Quran. It is recommended to view King of Chaos right after this program.

Mathematical Miracle of Quran (60min) - Introduction to the "miracle of miracles".

Principles of Contact Prayer (90min) - details the principals of the Contact Prayer (Salat) including the meaning, history, and relevance of the most important form of worship in Submission (Islam). Also contains a step-by-step tutorial for each prayer.
Note: The narrator in the clip for the dawn prayer uses the words "I intend to do the Morning Contact Prayer. "Nawwaytu Salat As-subh". This was later corrected, and you should use the terms the "Dawn Contact Prayer" / "Salat Al-Fajr". God calls it the Dawn Prayer (Al-Fajr in Arabic) in 24:58.

Principles of Friday Prayer (60min) An introduction to the Friday Prayer, as well as two separate Friday Prayers demonstrated by Dr. Rashad Khalifa.

Friday Sermon, God Is Doing Everything - Part I (70 min) - Talks about the most important criteria for believing in God.
Friday Sermon, God Is Doing Everything - Part II (47 min)

World News Bulletin (11m:40s) - Invitation to the world's religious leaders and their followers to join God's kingdom in the new era of religious unification.

Who is God and What Life Is All About - Gives us the answers to the most sought after questions, ranging from
1) Why are we here?
2) How can we achieve perfect happiness?
3) What is submission to God?

Essentials of Submission (Islam) and The Computer Speaks - Detailed explanation of the religious practices and their meaning as well as detailed explanation of the mathematical miracle of the Quran.

Evolution Vs. Creation: The Final Argument - In this computer age, we have mathematical laws that tell us whether a certain event is probable or not.

Conference 1989 - Dr. Khalifa's concluding speech at the 1989 Conference of United Submitters International.

Dr. Khalifa's Friday Sermons - 1989-#1 (Dates: 1-13-1989, 2-03-1989, 3-03-1989)
Dr. Khalifa's Friday Sermons - 1989-#2 (Dates: 3-17-1989, 8-11-1989, 9-08-1989)
Dr. Khalifa's Friday Sermons - 1989-#3 (Dates: 9-29-1989, 11-26-1989, 12-08-1989)

Dr. Khalifa's Friday Sermons - Dates: July 1987, Oct. 16, 1987, July 15, 1988
Topic: The End of the World
Dr. Khalifa's Friday Sermons - Dates: 5-27-88, 10-28-88, 12-9-88, 12-30-88
Dr. Khalifa's Friday Sermons - Dates: 11-1987, 12-4-87

Dr. Khalifa's Friday Sermons - Dates: 1-1-88, 1-22-88, 3-4-88

Friday Sermons by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, in 1989 Conference - in Friday Sermon delivered at the 1989 Conference of United Submitters International, explains how God uses His messengers to send information to our world and goes in depth of many other important Quranic principles.

In Defence of Bible - This program will prove to you that the Bible is in fact the Word of God. Any contradictions you see in the Bible is the result of human interference and this program will prove that vast majority of the Bible is divine truth. The truth about Jesus...

Old Message, New Messenger - Friday Sermon announcing Messengership. The Quran's miracle was concealed for 1400 years. Dr. Khalifa is named in the Quran as the person destined to discover it. The identity of Rashad Khalifa as God's new messenger to the world is proven physically by mathematical coding.

Who is God? Why are we here? What doesit take to achieve salvation? Read the Quran to find out. Clear, modern day English translation by Rashad Khalifa, PhD (One of the few translations by a native Arabic speaker) God guarantees victory, health, wealth, peace of mind, and perfect happiness for those who follow His guidance (Quran 2:38; 3:160; 22:38, 40; 24:55; 30:47 & 40:51). Why then are "Muslim" countries among the poorest, least developed and most tyrannized? This Book has the answers

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